Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Our (me and Destiny) dad is going to take us on October 28th to see all of Michael Jackson's last rehearsals and it is going to be awesome and I hope we don't have to stand the whole time to see the whole movie because their is allot of Michael Jackson fans is the U.S.A so I just hope we don't have to stand.Well I hope you all have a great day!And P.S. don't forget to tell all your friends to stop bye to!


The Thriller is gone


  1. Oh sweety I love your post today, and I will pray you do not have to stand in line either. What a great blog. I love all the dancing skeletons.

    Hugs and kisses,

  2. Hi Isabel: So good to meet you. I am so honored you joined my blog. I too will follow yours faithfully. I know you asked if I could tell others to join, and I would love to. However, honey, being on the net can be very dangerous. Why not check with mom and ask her who is ok? I would hate for someone to say something that could hurt you, you are far to sweet. So, I feel a need to protect you. I know your mom will make the correct choices for you. I love all your Michael Jackson pictures. I am a big fan too. I plan to see the movie too! Let me know what you think, you will probably see it before me. Do you know that your blog is better than mine? I could never do all the fancy things you have done. You are a smart young lady! Talk to you soon, Martha

  3. Well MJ I appreciate your asking me to be a follower and I will but I am not able to put my name on your follower list for some reason. When I click on follow it says cannot do it now try later. I know you are tickled about the show.

  4. Hello Isabel! Thanks for stopping by Loveleigh Treasures. I would be "THRILLED" to join your blog. How exciting that you are going to get to see Michael's last rehearsals. I adored him when I was your age. I was around 10 when the Thriller album came out and it was so popular. You've done a great job on your blog design, I love all the pictures and I look forward to knowing you Isabel!

  5. Isabel thank you for stopping by and visiting me tonight lol, we are in the same room but I love for your to visit my blog. Have a great night playing on the computer.


  6. Hello Isabel. Nice to meet you. I'm a Michael fan too. I'm going to see it too with my kids:).
    Take care.

  7. Hi Isabel! Wow! Your blog looks GREAT, and it's so nice to meet you! I just became a follower, and I'm looking forward to visiting with you again soon! As your Mom knows, I am moving to a new home soon, so I am really, really busy... but I try to take a blogging break whenever I can. I might even try to fit in a post if I can manage the time to! I crocheted a Jack Skellington doll while watching t.v. during the last couple of nights. He's about 16" tall, and I THINK I got him to look pretty good.. At least I HOPE so! (0; Talk to you again soon! ~tina

  8. I loved Michael Jackson since I was a kid, and Thriller was one of my favorite. It's great that you have made a blog in honour of him. I have a lot of his music, and enjoy listening to his music! Great blog!


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