Thursday, October 15, 2009

Awards for four people!

Hello everyone and good morning to you all I am giving away this award to four people and it is called "The Best Blogger award" I will tell you all that I know what four people won.But only people who are my followers can say on my comments that they want to join.So you have to be one of my followers.Well I will tell you what four people win tomorrow.Have a wonderful day!


The Thriller is gone


  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog(s) and the nice comments and posts!

    Your MJ blog is FUN and I'm now following you. :-)

    Have a great day & weekend.

    Chris (-:

  2. Well hello from Jacqueline at Once Upon a Fairyland. Your mom and grandma are two of my favorite girls in the whole wide world and I'm sure you are just as great.
    I love Michael Jackson too. I'm 50 yrs old, the same as Michael so I grew up with him, way back in the Jackson Five days. One of my favorite songs of his is "Ben" about that very special rat.
    It was one of the saddest days when we lost our King of Pop, the world felt like it's heart broke. I'm thrilled to be your friend. Any friend of Thriller is a thrilling friend of mine!

  3. Halloo my dear!

    I see you are a very big Michael Jackson fan, may he rest in peace. When I was very young (I'm the same age as MJ) I saw the Jackson 5 sing! He was just a young kid too singing his heart out.

  4. Hi there,

    Thanks again for stopping by today! Please DO NOT award me. I no longer accept awards as I do not have the time to reciprocate them back.

    Have a thriller weekend!

    Chris :-)


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