Thursday, September 24, 2009

Michael mainia Friday.

As you can see my blog is ready for Halloween and for Halloween I am going to be Thriller Michael Jackson but even though I am a girl all girls have the right to do what all boys have the right to do so I am going to be Michael Jackson Thriller because nobody can tell me just because I am a girl I can't be Michael Jackson Thriller for Halloween that is just messed up so when you guys comment I want you to tell me what you are going to be for Halloween.But I think my blog is a michael jackson mainia because there is allott of michael jackson pictures on my blog.Well almost time for bed I gotta go but don't forget to tell all your friends to stop by!Bye!
The Thriller is gone

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  1. Isabel, what a lovely question and a great post today. I am going to be a Fairy for Halloween this year :0) and yes you can be Michael Jackson for Halloween if you want too, you can be anything you want sweety peety.

    All my love,


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