Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Way You Make Me Feel Monday

The Way You Make Me Feel Monday

Here are some pictures to remember The King of Pop, if he wasn't a singer all our favorite singers wouldn't be on MT.V. like Rhianna, Chris Brown and many more wouldn't be on T.V. Michael Jackson is the best singer my ears ever adore.He finally got put to rest.The reason he made Leave Me Alone(by Michael Jackson) was because he wanted the press and paparazzi to leave him alone. Well I hope you enjoy the pictures I left here for you. Thanks for stopping by a little piece of Michael Jackson heaven I call home of course with his music.And don't forget to tell your friends to stop by! Hope you enjoy the pictures!BYE!
The Thriller is gone


  1. Hi Sweet thing!
    You have done an outstanding job on this post. Outstanding!!! Love the pics you chose, they are wonderful, and ofcourse love your write up. Yes Michael has finally been put to rest. Bless his poor little children who had to wait and wait. Thank goodness they respected his wishes and did not burry him at Neverland, as he did not want that. He has said continually he did not want to return there. I love the picture where he is leaning way forward the most. Great choice of pictures. Thanks for sharing today. I have enjoyed my visit immensely. Love you baby, Hugs and Kisses, GRAM

  2. Oh sweety I do enjoy the pictures. They are wonderful, and I saw how long you worked on them to. It took you three hours to post this and it was done wonderfully. I love you sweety peaty :0) Have a good day off today cause there is no school yeah!!!!!!

    All my love,


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