Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Magical Disney Sunday!

Fairy Footprints
Hello and welcome to magical Disney Sunday with your hosts my mother Fairy Footprints in the sand (aka Heidi.)My post is about Finding Nemo.One Day in the ocean Marlin a clown fish has a beautiful wife and tons of baby eggs.Marlin's wife sees a shark and goes to protect her babies but, the shark knocks out Marlin and kills his wife and leaves one baby egg.Marlin raises one kid by himself named Nemo.On his first day of school he meets 3 friends and they dare him to go out and touch the scuba diving boat and Nemo does.Nemo comes back and gets caught in a fish net and gets taken away and the scuba divers take a picture of Marlin and blinds him and he couldn't save his son Nemo.So he goes on an adventure and at the beginning of his adventure he meets Dori a woman and together on their adventure thy meet sharks,and go through allot of obstacles and they finally find Nemo and Dori,Nemo,and Marlin live happily ever after.The End.Here are some pictures from the movie have a great Sunday and enjoy the pics!


The Thriller is gone


  1. Isabel, I love finding nemo, what a fun Disney Sunday post, glad you finally had some time to be able to post. It's hard with all those activities you do at school. I love you sweetheart, great song too.

    I love it.

    Hugs, and kisses,

  2. Isabel Sweetie...
    Love this post. How many times we have watched Finding Nemo. Many good memories for us both. I will always love "Dorie", as she is my favorite. Love it. Thanks for sharing with me today.

    What a great blog you have. I just love it. You always share so many nice things about MJ.

    Have a beautiful Sunday today, and a great week at school. Much, much love, Grammy

  3. Nemo is such a wonderful movie it is so fun and shares a wonderful story

  4. I love this movie! Just keep swimming!

  5. This is such a good movie! I love all the underwater stuff and Nemo is so cool! Once he gets stuck in the Dentist's fish tank though, they keep you in suspense whether of not he'll get free and find his way back home. Great pick Isabel, I hope you have a magical week!

  6. I love Nemo!!! And I am HUGE M.J. Fan!!! I love your page and your tribute to the King of Pop.

  7. Crush has a really cool show at disney world!

  8. I loved that movie! It was so funny and touching too. Thanks for the memories. Blessings!

  9. I Isabel, I love Nemo too. I am doing a shout out to all of my followers for my birthday month of November. You are up Wednesday Nov. 25. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Hello Isabel,

    Just thought I'd stop in to say hello and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

    I've been busy crocheting some custom orders I got and have not been able to spend as much time on the computer, but I have not forgotten you and will try to visit you here more often.

    Again, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :-)


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