Friday, October 16, 2009

The Best Blogger award winners are.......

Hi all you bloggers this is the moment you all have been waiting for the winners of my award I had to do the drawing now because in a little bit I will be going to the carnival for the first time and won't be back until probably 12:00 or earlier but I might go to bed after the carnival.So don't forget that you DON'T have to hand it down to people and don't be upset if you don't win I will be doing a giveaway soon.So "The Best Blogger awards" go to Regina, Old Dame Penniwig, Tina, Sares but I added a very special award to a person who is caring and wonderful, bloggers this award goes to my mother Fairy Footprints in the sand.All you bloggers that won you left click on my award and then you wait a second and then you say save as and then say "The Best Blogger award" and then put it on your blog where ever you want to,Have a wonderful day.Bye!

The Thriller is gone


  1. Oh sweety I am so honored. I have put the award on my blog. I hove to get awards, they are wonderful. Well I better start getting ready for the carnival tonight. I love the blog good job.

    Hugs, and kisses,

  2. Thank you so much Isabel! I will proudly display your award on my blog! I think I have someone in mind to pass it along to as well. Have lots of fun at the carnival!

  3. Hello, I'm a fellow blogger - I know your mom and I'm the lady that's having that Pet Costume Contest where you can enter ANY pet in costume till next Wednesday 10/21/09 ... I LOVE your blog - Michael Jackson was an awesome artist - he never failed to entertain! (Poor guy - I think he was a very lonely person inside) but anyway, nice to meet you and again, GREAT Blog!

    Kind Regards,
    Doris ;-)

  4. Hello Isabel. Wow. I'm so honored. Beautiful award. Love it. I will gladly display it in my blog. Thank you so much!

    (I just got up. It past 10AM (Sat.) Went out for a meeting last night).

    God bless you dear one.

    XO Regina

  5. Hi Isabel! I just discovered this award, this morning! This is so nice of you!! I love this, and thank you so much!! Gosh, am I getting tired of packing boxes these days, getting ready for the big move. I feel like all I SEE are boxes, so this sweet award was a very happy surprise for me! I can't wait to put it up on my blog, as soon as I can! I'm hoping to do a post by today... If not, then definitely by tomorrow, as I don't want to miss your Mom's Magical Disney Sunday event!!! It's going to be a LONG post, as I have so much catching up to do!! I have never gone THIS long between posts before, so that goes to show how busy I've been!! Enjoy your Saturday, have fun, and see you again soon! ~tina

  6. Isabel, you can enter in Disney Sunday I would love it, I will put your name on the list. I can't wait to see what you post.


  7. Hi Isabel (love your name!),
    I would love to follow your blog, would you like to follow mine also?
    Hope you are having a fun weekend,
    Sheryn xox

  8. Thank you for the award, dearie!!! And I agree that your mother certainly is a caring blogger and deserves an award!

    Hope you had fun at the carnival!

  9. Congrats to all...Heidi is a sweetheart, so it was nice that you gave it to her. What a doll she is!


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