Monday, July 20, 2009

Michael Jackson Monday!

Michael Jackson Monday
On my Michael Jackson Monday and every day I think about Michael Jackson and say to myself "Why did this happen ever since this happend things have got out of hand for example Joe Jackson they say will proboly force them onto the stage when they don't want to. Michael's kids might be the Jackson 3! Why did this happen this month? These are the some of the questions you might ask. But we will always remember him in our hearts! My Dad said this is a good thing and a bad thing one it's good because we learned more about him then ever but the bad thing is because he he did incredible things and now he's gone. We will remember him always in our hearts! Love The Thriller is gone.


  1. Isabel, times are confusing for many people when they find someone to believe in. Hang in there and over time things will seem more clearer. Love you blog page, very cute. Keep up the blog :)

    Love mom

  2. Michael Jackson Monday, Thriller, Oh My Gosh! I love, love, love it. Thanks for sharing on this fine Monday and for the wonderful blog. Great Job. Country Hugs and Love, Grammy

  3. Dear Isabel,
    Once just a little toddler and now making a blog!
    I am proud of you.
    You have done very good with your blog.
    I will soon have a picture on my blog that you and Destiny can snag for your blog, from Uncle Richard.
    I love you sweet girl.
    Angel Hugs
    Great Aunt debbie


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