Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Michael Jackson Wednesday.

Michael Jackson Wednesday
On Michael Jackson Wednesday we should worship Michael Jackson! All the things that he went through when he was a child. And all the things he did that nobody else did. If Michael Jackson never did all that stuff today would be diffrent so today worship Michael Jackson and all the stuff that he did and sing some of his songs like I will. Thanks for stopping by a little peace of heaven I call home! Bye tell all your friends to stop by to and have a great day and sing a few songs! Bye!

The Thriller is gone


  1. Singing: It's easy as ABC, 123, Baby you and me.... Thriller, Thriller, Thriller.... Billy Jean just my.....We are the world, we are the children...... Just singing and sharing. Michael Jackson will always RULE. Yea Michael! We love you Michael! You are sorely missed. A Michael Jackson Fan for life. Great post Isabel. Great post. Love, Gram

  2. Oh Isabel you are too cute. Great post, I will tell everyone about Michael. Can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow.

    Fairy hugs,


Michael Jackson This is it movie trailer.